The 2018 Social Worker of the Year awards took place in London on Friday 30th November. Entries for this year's awards open in April 2019. #SWA18

Sian Miljkovic

Student Social Worker of the Year



Sian Miljkovic is a student who already knows the positive difference social work can make to people’s lives. At a young age she lost her mother to cancer and has freely admitted to colleagues how important it was to have a social worker she could rely on at this time.


Sian is clearly motivated in her work by this experience, and by her love for her now-elderly grandparents who she went to live with after her mother’s death. She is currently in the final year of a new two-year social work degree, which involves working as a ‘family partner’ in an early help team and going to university one day a week, plus placements.


Sian’s nomination detailed how her skills and emotional intelligence have really come to life in each of the placements she has undertaken, with her practice educator describing her as performing “well in advance” of a social work student at this stage in their degree.


Sian’s capabilities have led to her working on complex cases, where her reflective practice has clearly contributed to positive outcomes for the families involved. The judges were moved by how she has really changed lives, going the extra mile in her work and studies.


What was said about Sian:


Zoe Betts, iamsocialwork: “Very personal motivations this lovely lady has, can be tough to persevere when there are personal challenges in your life. Great to have her in this profession.”


Liz Hewitt, Head of Children’s Services, Skylakes Social Work: “Sian presents has having great communication skills and has developed positive working relationships with families and professionals. It looks like Sian goes the 'extra mile' not only in her studies but also in her placements. Very impressive.”


Service user feedback: “Just wanted to say thank you for all of your support. When you knocked on my door you literally turned my life around. Finally, there was a woman who understood and knew exactly what to do to help. My eyes have been opened and I feel free. I will never stop being thankful that you were sent our way.”


Helen Wenman, Social Work Lecturer, University of Bedfordshire: “Throughout her course, Sian has coped well with the numerous and various challenges of this new, work based, two-year social work degree. She takes an active leadership role within the student group, and models her passion for improving her practice and displaying social work values, all of which demonstrates her huge potential to become a highly skilled and effective social worker.



  • Brian Mitchell, Bradford College
  • Lily Hopkins, Creative & Innovative Social Work Practice Award Winner 2018
  • Liz Hewitt, Skylakes Social Work
  • Zoe Betts, iamsocialwork



  • Sian Miljkovic, University of Bedfordshire
  • Sivanesan Ramamoorthy, The Open University - SILVER AWARD WINNER
  • Victoria Stephenson, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Mark McConnell, The University of Huddersfield