The winners of the 2017 Social Worker of the Year Awards were revealed at a glittering awards ceremony in London on the 24th November. Entries for this year's awards will open in April 2018.

Calderdale Council

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Calderdale Council is extremely proud to support the Student Social Worker of the Year Award. This award acknowledges exceptional progress of social work students, who have made a wonderful start in their career having chosen to join a truly fantastic profession.


Outstanding social work practice is often rooted in outstanding social work education. By acknowledging the fantastic achievements of student social workers, Calderdale Council also welcomes the opportunity to celebrate the high quality teaching, dedication and values of our Higher Educational Institute partners across social work education. Good social work students, who are able to demonstrate outstanding practice, do so due to the unwavering professional support they receive from within their chosen University or college provider.


Social work students provide fresh ideas, welcomed challenges, renewed vigor and help set a learning culture. This transcends student practice placements into continuous professional development opportunities and through to leadership programmes for senior social workers and leaders within the profession. With the right supporting environment social work students thrive, deliver real change and directly positively impact on the lives of the people we work to support.


Within Calderdale Council, social work students continue to provide exceptional standards of supervised practice delivery. The commitment to their newly chosen profession and the exceptional support of their Practice Educators and colleagues in Universities and Colleges has truly enhanced the service delivery of professional social work. Many of our student social workers on placement with us choose to apply for posts within Calderdale. We believe this is because of their desire for continuous learning and their value base is matched with that of a strong, positive social work employer, who truly values the contributions that student social workers have made at the beginning of their careers.


We need the best people possible to choose a career in social work, because we know just how privileged we are to be allowed into the lives of people who require social work support. We also know we have a unique role in upholding human rights, balancing responsibilities and enabling everyone we support to be afforded the best opportunities possible to flourish.


Social work continues to owe its students a debt of gratitude for choosing the profession and for providing outstanding practice as social work students. Calderdale Council is extremely proud of social work students and is proud to sponsor this award.